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AFC Solutions


Automated Fare Collection Systems (AFC) to manage the transportation devices, Device Operating Data (DoD), manage the process of the transaction files for settlement fees, charges and revenue allocation for the various transport and non transport operators and interface between different transportation levels as a Central Clearing House.
Transactions integrity is  validated based on business rules and system parameters.



AFC - CCS Systems Architecture


AFC Systems Features

  • Support Multi tier Architecture
  • Built to support Windows/UNIX/Linux
  • Oracle, Sybase and PostgreSQL Support
  • XML  Web services
  • SOA ready infrastructure
  • Scalability Security & Flexibility


Report Generation
Easy  to generate, view and print report through  GUI (graphic user interface)
  • Specific to dates with range
  • Ability to add new reports
  • Easy to modify the structure





AFC Integration




AFC Reports
  • Finance report
  • Issue Report
  • Card Report
  • Systems Report
  • Audit Reports
AFC Modules
  • Device management
  • Card management
  • Finance Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Key management
  • Report management


AFC Systems Layer
  • Web Layer
  • Application & Middle ware Layer
  • Databases Layer





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