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AFC Technology


Automated Fare collection is a smart payment method for intelligent public transport systems  using the   pre paid cards or tickets to pass through the electronic systems or gates to allow commuters to access to and from the various transportation modes.


    • Single Card for transport & Non Transport payments
    • Fast, easy  and reliable fare transactions
    • Flexible plan with   weekly, daily,  monthly, short trips
    • Easy transfers within and  different transportation providers
    • Easy access to fare media
    • Distinguish usage of Student, disabled  and Elders




A contact less smart card is  embedded with integrated circuits that can process and store data, and communicate with a terminals
CSC cards are  Mifare® DESFire cards with  3DES encryption based on transport protocol complies with part ISO 14443.


ISO/IEC 14443 Standard
  • ISO 14443 standards are developed for proximity RFID to describe the parameters for identification cards
  • To describes the working methodology of contact less cards


AFC Architecture





Common Mobility Card –CMC


The omnibus cashless travel card can be used across different modes of transport and money can be loaded into the card in different denominations.

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ISO/IEC 14443

  • Physical characteristics
  • Radio frequency power and signal interface
  • Initialization and anti-collision
  • Transmission protocols


ISO/IEC 14443  Areas

  • Security
  • Payment
  • Mass-transit
  • Access control applications




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